Aug 252013

Right around the time Spirit of the Century was published — maybe a little later, but if so not by much — Evil Hat stopped writing Fate as FATE. In essence, as Fate 3.0 came about (starting with Spirit of the Century), the old acronym the system had started with (first “Fudge Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment” and then “Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment”), carrying up through Fate 2.x, stopped being a part of the name.

Old habits die hard, though. For the past 7 years many folks have continued to insist on writing Fate as FATE. It’s not “correct”, but it doesn’t really matter that that’s so. If folks want to write it that way for their own purposes, knock yourselves out. But if you want to portray it in a way that’s consistent with the official name as conveyed by Evil Hat: it’s Fate.

And now you know!

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  1. I feel you are fated to have people continue to make the error.

    I’ll. I’ll see myself out.

  2. And knowing is half the battle…

    But seriously, I just started doing this right in recent months.

  3. We need clarification on the version numbering for Fate Core. Is it considered part of 3rd Edition or is it a new 4th?

  4. I’d argue that nobody NEEDS that clarification per se, but here’s what I can tell you.

    Fate Core isn’t Fate 3.x in any shape. 3.x was seen in Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files, but never on its own sans setting.

    Fate Core started as an effort to produce the sans setting 3.x, but it became clear it was a new evolution of the system rather than a distillation of the existing one. In that sense, Core rhymes with 4.

    But we just call it Fate Core.

  5. To be fair, it’s still in big all-caps letters on the front of the freakin’ book.

  6. So’s CORE SYSTEM.

    Are you writing it FATE CORE SYSTEM?

  7. Yes…. or at least I WAS :’(

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