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Licensing of Fate Core and Fate Accelerated will be made possible with the release of our system reference documents by July 2013. As of September 2013, we’re also making Fate System Toolkit available for licensing.

Two open licensing schemes will be made available to you, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Read more about these choices below.

We also provide a “Powered By Fate” logo for your use should you wish to brand your product as a Fate game. (The Fate Core and Fate Accelerated logos will remain the property and trademarks of Evil Hat Productions, LLC.) You can find the Powered by Fate logo further down this page.

Finally, we’re providing a Fate Core Glyphs font to use for the Four Actions and easy creation of stress tracks.

More details as we’re able to provide them.

Your Licensing Options

The System Reference Documents (SRDs) for Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, and Fate System Toolkit are available through two licensing schemes.

The Open Game License (OGL) is a popular choice that is well-known in gaming circles. This is a good choice if you’re already familiar with its use, or if you’re looking to intermix your content with other OGL licensed content. Prior to Fate Core, the OGL was the only license available for the Fate system, due to the earlier edition’s derivation from the Fudge RPG system. The OGL compels you to keep open what you’ve borrowed, and to make a clear product identity declaration about what you’re not making open by basing your game on OGL content.

byFor our alternative open license option, we will be making use of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Use of this license will simply require that you make a clear statement (we’ll give you the text) that your game is based on our material. Unlike some other Creative Commons options, this is not “viral”—you don’t have to make your derived content open at all. We think it’s awesome if you do, though, because a) we did, and b) it means you’re contributing something back to the community that made Fate possible in the first place.

Powered by Fate

We’re offering two versions of the Powered By Fate logo. Choose the one that best suits the background you’re putting it on. To make legal use of either logo, you must include the following text:

Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. The Powered by Fate logo is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission.

That’s it!


Download “Powered by Fate” logos in EPS format

Fate Font

You can download the Fate Core Glyphs font here. Fate Core Font.ttf

To make use of it, just give us credit:

The Fate Core font is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission. The Four Actions icons were designed by Jeremy Keller.

This font contains a small number of glyphs, supporting Fudge Dice faces (0, +, -), the Four Actions (A, D, C, O), and some stress track boxes. Enjoy!

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  39 Responses to “Licensing Fate”

  1. Interesting! How did you manage to drop Fudge’s OGL?

  2. Fate Core is written 100% from the ground up. It’s not based on any of the prior text.

  3. Is it possible to modify the logo “powered by FATE”? For example, slightly wavy on the banner carried by the person of the illustration on the cover?

  4. this is awesome! Thanks for the update. one small nitpick is that I can’t actually find in the SRD where the SRD text is actually declared OGC as required by the OGL. If I missed can you point me to that text?

    again thanks for the awesome update and resources!

  5. SRDs by their nature are 100% open content. That’s their point of existence. Having closed content in your SRD doesn’t make any sense. :)

  6. Minor modifications are OK (effects, be it a glow or some modest alterations to give it dimensionality), but significant distortions or misrepresentations of its content are not. When in doubt just run it past us.

  7. I tend to agree with you Fred but the OGL doesn’t make a special case for SRD’s and speaking from a licensing point of view content in the SRD, or any other document, isn’t OGC or PI until declared so.

  8. Interesting assertion. As I read the license it’s saying that you attach it to open game content, not that you *must declare it to be open game content explicitly*. IOW, by dint of attachment, so long as you don’t smack into any of the license’s PI considerations, the text to which the license is attached is considered open content. Can you point me to the specific phrase that compels an explicit open content declaration? Because I’ve only ever done it subtractively, by declaring the product identity portion.

  9. I read it the other way because of Section 8 of the OGL. My interpretation of the OGL in general is you attach it to a product and then must declare the OGC portions. Anything that falls under PI or not under the OGC declaration is off limits (i’ll admit I tend to strictly read licenses that I’m about to use in a commercial way and I am with Fate).

    I read S8 as the license requires a explicit declaration for of the OGC in any covered product since the OGC must be clearly identified. I don’t think attaching the OGL without a declaration satisfies S8. Granted it doesn’t make much sense to release a closed SRD but for business reasons I want to make sure I’m right in the middle of the OGL’s safe harbor.

    Anyway, my intention wasn’t to be a PIA and reading over this is what I am being. I fully support FATE and appreciate the amount of content released for open use and the extremely easy powered by fate logo and font requirements. In hindsight I should have used email for my comments to gain clarification. Feel free to delete my comments on this because I don’t want it detracting from the release in any way.

  10. It’s all good, man. If I get the chance to tweak the HTML files I will. It’s a slight pain in the butt to do so. You, on the other hand, haven’t been one, so don’t fret.

  11. […] Edition (FAE) into the wild under both the Open Gaming License and CC-BY. The open license also includes a “Powered by Fate” logo as well as the action glyphs used in the games. All of this […]

  12. Would it be possible to offer the Powered By logo in a black on white field? I would probably want to place the logo on a title page, and it would be better looking that way.

  13. If you have a vector-editing program it’s easy to recolor the white version of the logo for that purpose. Make sure to drop the glow effect from it as well.

  14. There is so much I like about the Fate system. Fudge dice is not one of them. I have a different dice mechanic and therfore some tweeks to the Fate system. The spirit of Fate is still recognizable. Would it still be powered by Fate? What liberties does a designer have with the mechanics?

  15. We don’t have any bandwidth to regulate whether or not a designer chooses to use the Powered by Fate logo on something that’s derived from Fate but significantly altered. That said, altering the dice mechanic is rarely “significant”. It’s a largely cosmetic choice. Knock yourself out. :)

  16. While you may have rewritten most of the text, “The ladder” and all the words used to describe the steps on the ladder are nearly identical to FUDGE. The mechanics for determining success based on the ladder and the roll of FUDGE dice are also the same. I don’t see how you can divorce yourself so easily from the FUDGE OGL. Regardless of that, I think Steffan O’Sullivan at least deserves a special thanks in the credits, if nothing else.

  17. Mechanics cannot be copyrighted, only the expression of them. We didn’t copy the expression.

    We’ll take your comments under advisement.

  18. Will the fate tool kit also be under the OGL or creative commons?

  19. Evil Hat has not made a decision on that front yet.

  20. Alright, Thanks Mr. Hicks.

  21. Fred, what’s the font used to simulate handwriting in the character sheet examples? I’d like to use that font (’cause it’s spiffy) to fill out the character sheets I’m generating for my Fate games at Strategicon on Labor Day Weekend.

  22. Think it’s GFY Thornesmith

  23. One question: does using any of the two above licenses still allow one to sell the product afterward, or would that still be a breach of contract of some sort?

  24. All these licenses allow for commercial use.

  25. Hi, is there a list of rpg “Powered by Fate”?

  26. Quick question:
    If I want to write an application that incorporates several core parts of fate (mainly dice rolling and “sharing aspects”) and want to release it under the General Public License (GPLv3) as open source, may I use the logo etc. and just include the CC-BY logo and text?

  27. So long as you don’t combine your derived content with a license that gives away rights you can’t (I am not a GPL expert by far so you’d have to get consultation from someone who is), you can use any of the material that’s CC licensed by complying with the terms of that license.

    Really feels like a question for an IP lawyer. :)

  28. I’m really digging the FATE dice and would like to eventually incorporate them into what I’m looking to do. Other than the + and – tabulation process I’m not entirely sure that I’d be using anything else like FATE-specific skill charts, etc. What would the proper method be to make sure I’m giving the right props to you guys? :) I’m not using any of the OGL materials (i.e. no Open D6 or D20) but will hopefully be releasing it commercially.

  29. You owe us nothing if you design a completely different game that uses our dice. :) If you’re gonna use the font, make sure to give credit as specified, of course. And if you name them as “Fate Dice”, a simple trademark disclaimer (“Fate Dice™ are a trademark owned by Evil Hat Productions, LLC.”) would do the trick.

  30. You guys rock :)

  31. Hey guys, are you really using the Gotham font for your headlines? I was searching the web for it so i can make some custom sheets and its what appeared when I opened one of your own.

    Also if a third party wants to release a supplement/setting as paywhatyoulike, would it be nice to you that it has the look and feel of your books (fonts, layout and stuff) or is it preferable to make it look clearly distinguishable from the core content?

  32. Yup, we paid the price to use high quality professional fonts for the layout. So we’re “really” using Gotham, it’s not, like, some sort of fake Gotham. ;)

    We don’t particularly care one way or the other if third party products mimic our look & feel.

  33. Thanks, you’re amazing guys, as far as I know you are the next generation in rpgs and an example to publishers and developers, this is how games should be made/sold, I bought the books and then realised they were for free online, I don’t have one bit of regret.

  34. With the font is there permission to ‘turn’ it into a webfont so we (being publishers and fans) can use it on our website where we would like to?

    That is with the credit being given.


  35. We’d be happy to grant that, especially if you shared the webfontification with us so we could share it with the world. :)

  36. Using I created this:

    I am happy to keep it up. But would prefer it if you could find a home for it. If you would like me to keep it up I’ll need to create a better page for it (rather than just a download link) so just let me know.


  37. I’d like to incorporate Approaches into a design that I intend on publishing. My assumption that using the same six approaches by name would be acceptable use but I wanted to gauge how important Evil Hat considers that innovation and how much modification is respectful. I don’t want to step on your toes. Thanks.

  38. If you follow the specifics of the license, you’re free to do whatever you like. All kinds of modification is entirely welcome and even warranted. :)

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