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Licensing: Licensing of Fate Core and Fate Accelerated is now possible with the July 2013 release of our system reference documents (SRDs).

  • On September 2013, we made Fate System Toolkit available for licensing.
  • On March 2016, we added the Venture City character creation rules and super-power catalog.
  • On April 2016, we added Atomic Robo RPG, Sails Full of Stars, Gods & Monsters, Frontier Spirit, Conspiracies, and No-Skill Swashbuckling system reference documents.
  • On December 2017, we made a portion of the Fate Adversary Toolkit available for licensing.

Text: Two open licensing schemes are available to you for the above content, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Read more about these choices below. In order to get to the SRDs, you must determine which licensing scheme you want to use, then click the relevant link for that license below.

Logo: We also provide a “Powered By Fate” logo for your use should you wish to brand your product as a Fate game. (The Fate Core and Fate Accelerated logos will remain the property and trademarks of Evil Hat Productions, LLC.) You can find the Powered by Fate logo further down this page.

Font: Finally, we’re providing a Fate Core Glyphs font to use for the Four Actions and easy creation of stress tracks. See below.

Your Licensing Options

The System Reference Documents (SRDs) for all the content listed at the top of this page are available through two licensing schemes.

Open Game License (OGL)

The Open Game License (OGL) is a popular choice that is well-known in gaming circles. This is a good choice if you’re already familiar with its use, or if you’re looking to intermix your content with other OGL licensed content. Prior to Fate Core, the OGL was the only license available for the Fate system, due to the earlier edition’s derivation from the Fudge RPG system. The OGL compels you to keep open what you’ve borrowed, and to make a clear product identity declaration about what you’re not making open by basing your game on OGL content.


Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)

For our second open license option, we will be making use of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Use of this license will simply require that you make a clear statement (we’ll give you the text) that your game is based on our material. Unlike some other Creative Commons options, this is not “viral”—you don’t have to make your derived content open at all. We think it’s awesome if you do, though, because a) we did, and b) it means you’re contributing something back to the community that made Fate possible in the first place.

Powered by Fate

We’re offering two versions of the Powered By Fate logo. Choose the one that best suits the background you’re putting it on. To make legal use of either logo, you must include the following text:

Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. The Powered by Fate logo is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission.

That’s it!


Download “Powered by Fate” logos in EPS format, one for light backgrounds, one for dark

Fate Font

You can download the Fate Core Glyphs font here. Fate Core Font.ttf

To make use of it, just give us credit:

The Fate Core font is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission. The Four Actions icons were designed by Jeremy Keller.

This font contains a small number of glyphs, supporting Fudge Dice faces (0, +, -), the Four Actions (A, D, C, O), and some stress track boxes (using the number keys). Enjoy!

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  78 Responses to “Licensing Fate”

  1. Thanks Fred,
    So just to further clarify. If I make a rpg game based on fate core. In the text of my rpg game, I can include a word for word copy of as many sentences from the SRD as I want with precisely the same phrasing that appears in the text of the SDR? Even if I am including hundreds of the exact same phrases/sentences?
    Thanks again for the clarification,
    Jeff Slater

  2. That is exactly how the SRD works.

  3. Hello,

    If I wanted to make a computer game for commercial distribution that used a modified version of the Fate RPG rules as a foundation for how it determines outcomes, etc… do the print licenses apply or is there a different license I would need?


  4. You should be able to use the print license. I’d recommend the CC-BY one. It’s nicely compact and doesn’t introduce confusion around what concepts would and wouldn’t cross-over to the video game context.

  5. For power by Fate can we do power by fate and then put the word accelerated beneath it?

  6. No. Modifications of the Powered by Fate logo are not permitted, and regardless, Fate Accelerated is a Fate Core implementation, so in addition there’s no point to making the distinction.

  7. Fred, if I wanted to do a World of Adventure, would that fall under licensing, or need to be published directly by Evil Hat?

  8. We haven’t trademarked the term.

  9. Any chance we will see the Fate Adversary Toolkit join these other fine works?

  10. The non-Rogues Gallery portion of it will go into open content very soon.

  11. Is there any initiative to translate the srd document into portuguese? I suppose one can’t do anything powered by Fate in portuguese based on the SRD because… well, its another language.

    If I interested, how should I proceed?

  12. There are some perplexing assumptions being made in your comment. What specific language can you point at in the licensing options available that produces the perception that the language of application is constrained to English?

    If interested: proceed, simply. The license says what you must do.

  13. I’ve started translating Fate accelerated into Esperanto. Does the licencing allow me to publish (most likely only on the web) a translation even if I make no original content of my own? And which type of licensing is most fitting in that vase (I assume OGL)?

  14. Any text in the SRDs is available to be translated, remixed, folded, burnt, mangled, whatever, so long as the terms of the selected license are followed.

    You can pick either license as suits your preference. I personally find CC-BY easier to understand.

  15. Hello! Is there problem with font?
    Stress track boxes are printing out as a empty boxes. Other symbols are ok.

  16. That font features empty boxes, so that’s working correctly. What’s the different result you’re expecting?

  17. I see quite a number of Fate Core games are completely indie, but you also have a number of Evil Hat World of Fate products.

    If I wanted to produce a product through Evil Hat how would I submit that proposal to you?

  18. So my question is a little odd. I want to create a game based purely on my own ideas and settings. Can I use the dice system in this OGL to figure out combat, actions, etc. without having to use the Fate Setting, or what? I’m new to homebrews and developing gaming systems in general, so I have no idea how this works.

  19. 1) Fate has no built-in setting.

    2) So long as you’re compliant with the license, you can use anywhere from 0% to 100% of the SRD’s text in your derivation.

  20. Hi,
    I want to develop my own professional setting using your rules, and then sell it on DriveThruRPG. Is the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) allows to do this?

  21. That’s a textbook case for using it, yes.

  22. Fred, how can we use or reference the Fate KS commissioned PDFs published in the Downloads section of the Fate Core web site? I specifically want to use the rules in the “Psychic Powers” PDF but can’t see any references on how to use it. Is it covered by the rules above? Do I simply mention and link its existence in my text? Thanks.

  23. Hi Luis. Those are not in open content. Contact the commissioner/author and see what you can arrange.

  24. Is the Horror Toolkit allowed to be used in either license?

  25. There is no current open content from that book.

  26. Theorical Question: I want to create something similar to D20 modern but with FATE mechanics. Can I use some content from the 5E SRD mainly the name of abilities and some of the skills blend it with FATE Core mechanics and brand it as “Powered by FATE”? No cost associated?
    P.D. This is a theorical question

  27. I am unfamiliar with the 5E SRD so I can’t answer this. You’re talking about blending two distinct and separate licenses together with each other, and that’s a legal area I don’t have any real experience with. Best to consult an IP lawyer with both licenses in hand.

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