Aug 192011

We’ve made some new additions to our Resources page tonight, featuring some of the material, scrubbed and genericized, from the Dresden Files RPG:

A few important things to make note of:
This is not all the stuff we’re putting into open content. It’s all the stuff we’re putting into it right now, but we do have our eye on Character Creation and maybe a few other bits. That said, there may be a number of sections that we could put into open content that we won’t be because we’re hoping that Fate Core will come to market, with its fully open content, fast enough that the effort would be redundant.
We’re not providing the Skills chapter, and we’re not providing the example stunts. To be frank, coming up with your own skill list and stunts should be something you create as part of your particular implementation of Fate. If you want to just “drag and drop” a skill and stunt list whole cloth into your product, the open materials from Spirit of the Century, also on the Resources page, should serve you fine. Some may look at this as an indication that the skills and stunts shown in the Dresden Files RPG are somehow off-limits now, but that’s bunk; you can create “clones” that are identical in function but don’t directly borrow our skills & stunts text and it’d be all fine.
Regardless, this does mean that there’s now a generally available advancement scheme for Fate, our newer guidelines for creating stunts are open, our current view on how to explain aspects is open, and you’ve got access to the juicy meat of city creation as well to use as an engine for setting development in your own games.
Have at!
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