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In the past week I’ve had two different third-party publishers asking me if I know any freelancers who are available  and are wise to the ways of Fate.

But the people who I could list confidently are either already working on stuff for Evil Hat — or they’re already working on their own projects. So “available” not so much.

In light of that, I want to put this call out for people who are available and are confident enough in their knowledge of Fate that they’d be willing to take on some freelancing work!

In the comments below, please introduce yourself, tell us how to contact you, what kind of experience you bring to the table, and where we can find samples of your work. Please include all three, as that’s crucial for any interested publisher I point in this direction. (I may block comments which don’t fit the bill.)

I’d like this post to become a central resource for folks looking to do the work and for folks looking for those folks. 🙂 Help me out!

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  1. My name is Neall Raemonn Price; for the past four years, I’ve been a freelance writer for White Wolf (primarily on the Exalted line) and, more recently, a freelance editor for EOS Press (on the Nobilis and Legends of the Wulin lines). My contact e-mail is neall.raemonn@gmail.com.

    Since FATE’s release, I’ve been a voracious consumer of the engine and many of the games associated with it. As someone who is mechanically-inclined (having worked on a very “crunchy-but-narrative” system for much of my professional life) I’m eager to embrace the possibility of writing and helping to define FATE in the field. I have a great deal of player and GM experience with FATE, as well as a wealth of information on how to marry narrative and mechanical systems from my years of running Storyteller. I wrote the latter-day Storytelling chapters for the Exalted line.

    You may find samples of my work in many of the latter-day books of the Exalted line; I will happily provide such upon request. Otherwise, there are samples of my work up on White Wolf’s Ink Monkey blog.

  2. Hi there! I’m Mike Olson. I’ve contributed material to the Legends of Anglerre core rulebook and the forthcoming Anglerre Companion, and was the lead developer for the FATE Edition of Arc Dream’s The Kerberos Club. For the past few years, I’ve been writing Spirit of the Blank, a blog dedicated to tweaking FATE to suit various genres and just playing around with FATE in general.

    Email me at devlin1@gmail.com! Friend me on Facebook! Come see me at GenCon (I’m running a couple FATE Kerberos games)! Hire me to work on your thing!


  3. Hello there! My name is Brian Schoner, and I’m a freelance RPG writer who’s been out of the field for a while and is looking to get back in. The bulk of my published work was for FASA-era Shadowrun products (1996-2002), but I’ve also worked for White Wolf, FFG, and a few smaller publishers. There’s a mostly complete bibliography under the “linked items” section of this page.

    I am a big fan and frequent user of FATE, both in its raw form and in its various more specific implementations. I’d be interested to learn about upcoming FATEy projects that I might be able to participate in; please feel free to drop me a line at bschoner@gmail.com.


  4. My name is Christopher Ruthenbeck, and I can be contacted by email at cruthenbeck@gmail.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

    I am still fairly new to FATE, having only started within the past year or so, but I have a voracious appetite for games and game systems. I have yet to actually publish anything, but I have playtested Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition, PAX Draconis, Open Versatile Anime, and Technoir. I know that the first two are no longer in print, and the last is still in development, but that’s the nature of the business, right?

    Examples of my works with FATE (and other games) can be found on my blog. I am currently working on a FATE adaptation of the popular video game series Halo.

  5. I’m Gareth Hanrahan. I’m working on my own FATE-based game, so I know the system pretty well. I’ve been freelancing for years. Notable projects include the Mongoose editions of Traveller and Paranoia, The Laundry & Primeval for Cubicle 7, and lots of GUMSHOE stuff for Pelgrane. Contactable at mytholder@gmail.com

  6. My name is John Adamus, and I can be reached at adamus@rocketmail.com at Twitter.com/awesome_john and facebook.com/novelwritingjohn.

    I was a co-developer of Arduin Eternal’s newest version, as well one of its chief playtesters. I have experience with FATE, using it actually in a non-game capacity, as a teaching tool for aspiring novelists and my business consulting clients (yes it is possible). I have collaborated on several WOTC products as a spot-check editor, and while I have recently moved from game development to novel writing, my playtest, demo and editing credits extend as far back as the late 90s with some White Wolf products.

    FATE was the reason I actually got back into gaming and wanting to dust off my toolbox of game creation skills.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. I’m Jason Tondro, and I am the author of many freelance RPG products produced through Vigilance Press or my own TPK imprint, including the current Field Guide to Superheroes (for ICONS), Arthur Lives! (True20 and in development for FATE), and Escape from Alcatraz! (a very successful sourcebook for M&M 2nd edition). I’ve also written comics, articles, and full-length academic books, and I blog regularly at doctorcomics.blogspot.com. Most of my work is displayed there, and I would be happy to send complimentary copies to any prospective publisher.

    My dedication to FATE is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that my bi-weekly tabletop campaign is FATE, in a science fiction setting of my own design, with a large, thoughtful, and enthusiastic group of players. This forms an excellent test bed for work on the system and keeps my emphasis on playability.

    I can be reached directly at jason.tondro@gmail.com or through doctorcomics.blogspot.com. Best of luck!

  8. I’m Gareth-Michael Skarka. I was the editor on [b]Starblazer Adventures[/b] for Cubicle 7, and co-designer of the FATE-influenced [b]ICONS[/b] Superpowered RPG from Adamant Entertainment and Cubicle 7.

    I love tinkering with FATE in multiple genres, and would definitely consider freelance work in that area (which is saying something, because I don’t really do much freelance any more!).

    I can be reached at gms@adamantenterainment.com .

  9. I’m Ashok Desai. I’ve written a number of self-published titles under the company name of Sane Studios, and also wrote the Dawg RPG for Kenzer Co (nominated for an Indie award). I also write a regular Indie column in Knights of the Dinner Table. I’m well-versed in the intricacies of FATE, including both official games like SotC and Dresden, and third-party titles like Diaspora and Starblazer.

    My work is mostly available through Lulu – just search for Sane Studios – but samples are also available directly from myself if you wish. You can contact me at eldritchdesign@aol.com


  10. My name is David Goodwin – david@graphytedesign.com. I am a lifelong gamer, but professionally I am a freelance web designer and graphic designer, with a decade or two of writing and editorial experience. Most of my design work boils down to taking complex or obscure information and making it clear, concise, and accessible; this may be a relevant skill set in this venue.

    In the last year I’ve thrown myself into the FATE system, running short games and digging into the guts of the system in preparation for my next campaign. It’s perhaps the first system I’ve found where the core mechanics are elegant enough to grok on their own while being robust and interesting enough to be worth the effort. I am working on a campaign of political intrigue, backstabbing, and rumor-mongering, and am developing Skill lists and Consequence/Aspect tweaks in the hopes of editing the play style of my jaded players.

    So far, my only contribution to the FATE public discussion is a well-received random generation table that visually unpacks some of the probability distribution of FUDGE dice:

    Needless to say, I’d be thrilled to be part of any FATE project.

  11. please introduce yourself, tell us how to contact you, what kind of experience you bring to the table, and where we can find samples of your work.

    Hello! My name is WJ MacGuffin and I’m interested in knowing some more about these projects. My experience includes self-publishing the rpg Triune and contributing to The Laundry (Cubicle 7), various bits for Avalon Games, and a lot of pieces for Paranoia (Mongoose edition). I’ve been working in the industry since 2005 and have references if needed. You can download the free quickstarter for Triune here (http://happybishopgames.com/TriuneQuickstarter20101006.pdf) as an example of my work.

    I can be contacted at wjmacguffin at gmail.com. Thanks!

  12. Hello. My name is Chris Huff. I was a playtester for Mutants & Mastermind 1st edition, I contributed to Freedom’s Most Wanted (M&M 2nd Ed), and more recently I have contributed to the DC Adventures Heroes & Villains volumes 1 and 2.

    I have read, played, and enjoyed most versions of Fate on the market and hacked it myself on more than one occasion. Beyond freelance writing, I also edit and design. I can be reached at: cnhuff (at) gmail.com

  13. Hello,

    My name is Christopher Challice.

    I published a ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ article for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, you can find it in #121 to be precise. I also published a short story ‘They Only Come Out At Night’ in Polygraff Magazine #1. I wrote two articles for Fudge Factor here: http://www.fudgefactor.org/2006/05/hard-days-knight.html and here http://www.fudgefactor.org/2006/05/anime-battle-magic.html . The first link won the Iron Fudge Master Award.

    I am currently in the process of publishing fantasy space opera RPG called Knights of the Hidden Sun in conjunction with Mob United Media. For more information go here: http://www.mobunited.com/mobunitedmedia/mobworx-creator-owned-rpgs/knights-of-the-hidden-sun-interstellar-fantasy/

    Currently I’m also working on my own FATE project unrelated to KoTHS.

    If you want to contact me please do so at chris.challice (at) gmail.com.

    Chris Challice

  14. Hi.

    My name is Chris Longhurst and I’m usually available for freelance writing work. (I also edit, proofread and typeset.) I’ve had a few pieces published in Signs and Portents, Mongoose Publishing’s online magazine and I’ve written the longer adventure On Silver Wings for Paradigm Concepts’ Witch Hunter game.

    In the last couple of years I’ve hacked Spirit of the Century into Fatescape, a FATE-based system designed to emulate D&D. Fatescape can be downloaded from the following link if you want to see what I can do – the chapters on equipment and magic are entirely my own work, and I’ve tweaked other elements throughout:


    If you want to get in touch please do so at potatocubed, gmail, com – dots and symbols elided to evade spambots.



  15. David A Hill Jr here. Freelancer and independent game designer extraordinaire. My website link has contact info, or you can drop me a line at MachineIV at Gmail.

    My experience with FATE comes as a player of Dresden and Spirit of the Century, and the creator of two games that drew heavy inspiration from FATE. Outside of FATE specifically, I’ve worked on a number of games for a number of publishers, including Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Hunter the Vigil, Dragon Age RPG, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Leverage, Pathfinder, and a number of lesser-known titles. I’ve written for a number of gaming-centric sites such as The Escapist. My Design an RPG in an Hour panel has been featured on the front pages of The Escapist and Kotaku. I have a bit of experience in the video game industry as well. I designed and developed Maschine Zeit for my own company Machine Age Productions, and am a few weeks from the release of Amaranthine and Guestbook, our second and third games, respectively.

  16. Dear Freelancers,

    I recently started a website to share the game sessions of experienced GMs and players with live internet audiences in the hundreds of viewers. I would like to invite all of you to join a contest in which each GM gets a 3 hour session to run a FATE based campaign of there choice and let an audience of experienced gamers award points with the top half going on to the next round until three finalists win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There would be no cost and the sessions will be recorded for free public distribution. Although there is no prize, other than bragging rights, it might be useful in attracting employment. LAPIT RPGs is dedicated to the career ambitions of professional tabletop GMs and game designers.

    Interested? http://www.lapitrpgs.com

  17. Thank you for providing all of us this opportunity!

    I am a dreamer, scribe, and teller-of-tales. I go by the name of Sean Gore, and have been freelance writing in the game industry, both on personal projects as well as professional ones, for just over a decade. My proudest professional acheivement was writing the ENnie nominated adventure for Hollow Earth Expedition, “Perils of the Surface World: Miracle Stone of the Amazon”.

    Ever since Spirit of the Century was released, I have had a ravenous appetite for nearly all things FATE. I have been a fervent follower of Dresden Files (novels first, then gleefully latched on to the RPG website), as well as Starblazer Adventures, Legends of Anglerre, ICONS, and Strands of Fate. I ran a very successful and enjoyable Dresden campaign (which converted numerous diehard d20 players), and have recently begun a Star Trek FATE game (adapted from Strands of Fate).

    I have a writing blog which showcases some of my work, both personal and professional (including my Dresden Files documentation and a sampling from the Star Trek FATE book I produced for my gaming group). This blog is located at the following address:

    Additionally, my email address is rsgore@comcast.net

  18. Thanks for getting this thread started. I’m Carol Darnell. I’ve been a gamer for the last 15 years, am a co-host on All Games Considered and I am now also working as a freelance editor. My experience with FATE has been on the Alpha test list for Dresden, and as GM for a current game. My editing credits so far are HERO-based rather than FATE however. Terracide, The Widening Gyre, Lux Aeternum (HERO), Posthegemony: Terra Nomenklatura, The Wreck of Alpha Central, 3rd World, and Fires of Heaven (not yet published).

    You can find links to them here: http://www.blackwyrm.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=24&osCsid=f5569f1e1bcbd7d27ad4676fcb33b514

    They aren’t yet available on PDF, as they just debuted at GenCon.

    I’d appreciate any consideration. You can contact me at carolatagc@gmail.com

  19. I’ve been looking to get into freelance game design. I’ve come up with over two dozen games over the years and have been constantly honing my craft. I try to design rules that allow for players to create virtually any character that fits in the setting while being balanced and rules-light. I’ve come to view rules as a necessary evil rather than a compelling facet, so I’ve gotten good at making them simple. I’ve started to weave FATE into games I design, and I am currently running a Dresden Files game.

    I don’t have any material available online at the moment, but if you sent me an e-mail I can show you some samples of my work.

  20. My name is David Flor, and I am a game designer that, up to know, has been developing games for D&D 4th Edition… But as of late, primarily due to resistance from WotC (in the form of a “cease and desist” letter regarding my Gamma World material), I’ve been somewhat disillusioned in creating campaigns under their 4e GSL.

    So I’m looking around for alternative systems, and FATE comes very highly recommended.

    Now, as far as experience with the FATE system, I admit I don’t have a whole hell of a lot. But I’m a fast learner. My problem is that I spent too much time designing games and not actually playing them, so I have not had much an opportunity to put the FATE system to practical use. I have had exposure to SotC and Dresden, but nothing matching the level of those posting above.

    I don’t know if my services are of any use to you, and if I were you I’d choose pretty much everyone that posted before I did, but as a designer and a would-be freelancer I couldn’t resist chiming in.

    Tnx & Rgds…
    David Flor – dflor@brainclouds.net
    “Walk In the Dark” blog – http://rpg.brainclouds.net/
    President, Darklight Interactive
    “Omne ignotum pro magnifico”

  21. I’m always willing to lend a hand with FATE-related projects. I’ve contributed to several projects from Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS system, and most recently participated in the playtest for the Kerberos Club: FATE Edition. I’ve got quite a long time invested in the gaming industry, and love the narrative tone set by FATE. I can be reached at LordDraqo@gmail.com

  22. My name is Gary Freedman, and I’ve been heavily involved in the auckland role-playing community for the past 10 years. I’ve played several games over that time, run campaigns in Spycraft (1st and 2nd Edition), Over the Edge, Dresden Files, and Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, as well as played in games in these, World of Darkness (new and old), D&D (3.5 and 4th edition), Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun (4th Edition), Mutants and Masterminds (2nd and 3rd Edition), Spirit of the Century, and Champions.
    I do not have any experience as a freelance writer, but have written a couple of systemless games for tournaments, and prefer role-playing heavy games as opposed to roll-playing heavy games, and I find that Fate caters to that preference, to the point that I am converting the Lost Girl setting into a Fate/NWoD hybrid for my own personal use as I find aspects as a part of characters a huge advantage to helping players stay in character and develop their characters, and the NWoD system for having an easily understood system if i decide to turn the game into a larp in the future.
    You can contact me at Gary.R.E.Freedman@gmail.com, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  23. Hi! I’m Matthew McFarland. I’ve done a lot of work for White Wolf, a little bit for other companies (assorted gigs for Green Ronin, Eden, Guardians of Order). I’m currently working on my own game, curse the darkness, which should be out for sell in August. I haven’t written anything for FATE, but I’ve played a lot of and I’m currently running two FATE games: Dresden and a modified-for-John-Carter-of-Mars Spirit of the Century. I’d be happy to hear about any freelance opportunities!

  24. I’m an amateur game designer, and familiar with Fudge and FATE! I don’t have any properly published work, but I’d be more than happy to e-mail you some of the systems, tweaks, and hacks I’ve made, on various systems including FATE.

  25. Lowell Francis
    I’m a gamer, freelance editor, and writer. I’ve been roleplaying since original White Box D&D. I was a contributor to the Eisner Award-winning Legends of the Guard and IDW’s Rocketeer Adventures, as well as scripter for DC’s Flashpoint: Project Superman. I have a adventure in the anthology Masks of Pavis. My publications credits for other games are limited to miniatures rules (Ge Koku Jo, additional design for Brother Against Brother).
    *For a some recent work I’ve done with FATE, you can take a look at Scions of Fate. That’s an adaptation of WW’s Scion setting to the FATE system. You can download the pdf of that here.
    *You can also look at the 24-hour RPG I put together, Witless Minion. The pdf can be found here.
    *I also have a gaming blog, Age of Ravens, where I look at games and stories.
    Contact Info: edige23@gmail.com

  26. Hi, I’m Brian Engard. I’ve got a blog where I talk about freelancing and game design (http://www.2d6cents.com), and I’m pretty experienced with the whole Fate thing. I co-wrote Bulldogs! with Brennan Taylor, I’ve done some work for some Spirit of the Century supplemental materials as well as some Dresden Files RPG materials for Evil Hat, and I’m the lead designer on The Demolished Ones from Rite Publishing.

  27. Greetings!

    I’m H. M. ‘Dain’ Lybarger, and I’ve done freelance writing for Adamant, Margaret Weis Productions, and Ad Infinitum. I’ve written adventures for Savage Mars and ICONS, and worked on the Age of Apocalypse Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, the Dragon Brigade RPG, and the Leverage RPG.

    Some samples of my work can be seen at exploring-infinity.com, a blog to which I sometimes contribute.

    I’ve been a fan of FATE since 2nd Edition, and a *huge* fan since the publication of Spirit of the Century. My only professional contact with FATE (so far) has been as a playtester for the FATE edition of Kerberos Club, but I have experience with Starblazer Adventures, Legends of Anglerre, the Dresden Files, and Diaspora. I would love the opportunity to contribute to the growing library of excellent FATE games!

    Contact me via e-mail at DainXB@SBCGlobal.net

  28. Hi, I’m John Donoghue. What I bring to the table is a very strong grasp of FATE top to bottom and a solid resume of FATE playtesting. I confess I am a neophyte in published freelance writing, but my background is in the publishing industry. I recently dove head first into the field working on Marvel’s RPGs upcoming Annihilation books which I can’t direct you to samples of till the books are released… but those books are gonna be awesome. I would be happy to send samples as well as provide references as needed.

    Best way to reach me is via Johnoghue@gmail.com

  29. So. Yes. FATE. I’ve been working as a designer and editor in RPGs since 2000 and I’ve worked in systems from D&D 3.5 to Shadowrun to Battletech to Storyteller to Tri-Stat and beyond. I have not worked on a FATE game yet, but I play FATE regularly and really enjoy the system, whether it’s Dresden or SotC or one of its other incarnations. My most recent publication is in the upcoming Night’s Watch for ASoIF by Green Ronin Publishing, and the previously published

    I’ll also state up front that I’m in grad school for my doctorate in literature and my schedule can be pretty tight. I don’t take on work I can’t finish, though, and I enjoy doing RPG work on the side. You can reach me at michelle.lyons@gmail.com for inquiries, and I’m happy to provide both references and additional links to published work.

  30. Hi my name is Shoshana Kessock. I’m a freelance game designer with a blog at http://www.shoshanakessock.com – I study game design specifically at NYU in the MFA program along with writing my own RPG called Wanderlust. I’m experienced with running Fate games, specifically the Dresden Files RPG, and have worked on tweaking Fate for LARP use. I’m very interested in working with Fate for freelance work as it’s my favorite system and can be reached at shoshana.kessock@me.com

  31. My name is Rob Wieland.

    I have been previously published with 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventures, Edge of Midnight, Ravaged Earth, Honor and Intrigue, Our Last Best Hope, Star Wars Saga Edition and Shadowrun.

    I also maintain blogs for my games, including ones for Leverage, Smallville, Marvel and my World of Darkness anthology.

    I enjoy Spirit of the Century and Bulldogs the best out of the many FATE versions I own. I can be reached at robwieland23@gmail.com Look forward to hearing from everybody!’

    Rob Wieland

  32. I’m Nick Pilon. I’ve run Spirit of the Century (short) and Dresden Files (long) games and did freelancing and errata work for five years for Dream Pod 9 on the Heavy Gear line, ending in 2008. I currently work as a software engineer, and I’ve been toying with game design for a FATE-based mecha game. I’m presently trying to get my system ideas down in a form that others can read for playtesting with friends, rather than having to explain rules verbally.

  33. I’m Clark Valentine, and I suppose I can call myself an experienced Fate writer/designer at this point. I’ve been doing freelance writing and design in the RPG business since 2006. My Fate credits include Evit Hat’s Dresden Files RPG (especially, but not limited to, the chapter “Nevermore Baltimore” and the adventure scenario “Neutral Grounds” http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/87671/Dresden-Files-RPG-Casefile%3A-Neutral-Grounds?term=Neutral+Grounds), the Bulldogs! adventure “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Bulldogs” (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/96149/Rosencrantz-%26-Guildenstern-Are-Bulldogs%3A-A-Bulldogs%21-Adventure-Scenario?term=rosencrant) for Galileo Games, and the soon-to-be-published Paranet Papers and Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie for Evil Hat.

    It’s important to me to follow the publisher’s guidelines and hit my deadlines, and that I’m still happily married to one of the industry’s premiere editors (and I haven’t slept on the sofa in months!) shows that I’ve learned to work well with editors. Contact me at clarkvalentine@gmail.com if you’re interested in talking about any projects.

  34. I’m Jeremy Morgan, and I’m a freelance game designer and editor. My experience with FATE is limited to some playtime with the Dresden Files RPG and some playtesting for the upcoming Atomic Robo RPG. Even with my limited experience, I feel comfortable with the FATE system and have tinkered with using parts of FATE in other systems.

    I have a blog at http://www.stormindacastle.com with assorted musings on game design. You can contact me at morganjc@gmail.com to discuss what I can do for you.

  35. Hi,

    I’m Paul Mitchener, and I’m a mathematician by day, but gamer by night. Fate is one of my favourite systems. I’ve GMed several Spirit of the Century one-shots and a Diaspora campaign. I’m currently running a variant Dresden Files series set in Roman Alexandria. Even more importantly, I’m the co-author (with Graham Spearing) of Age of Arthur, a FATE-based dark ages fantasy game, which is due to be released early this year.

    I’ve also written Blood of the Gods for Arc Dream publishing, and the Drowned lands setting in Worlds of Wordplay for d101 games. Other games and settings I’ve written or am writing include Ninth Legion for Arc Dream publishing and Here Be Dragons (co-author) for d101 games. I’ve also done a fair amount of editing and proof-reading work for d101 games.

    You can contact me by e-mail at drmitchener@gmail.com.

  36. My name is Roy Graham, and you can reach me at nitemusik@gmail.com. I’m a huge fan of Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, and while I have no freelance writing experience as of yet, I’ve spent the last five summers employed by the Wayfinder Experience, a Live Action Roleplaying summer camp, running games and teaching children the ins and outs of fantasy roleplaying. I am also part of the Wayfinder Experience’s Story Board, a small group of experienced writers who select, revise and write the dozens of stories we put on at our summer camps. Because of this, I have a lot of experience with writing stories that are fun for kids. The website for the camp is http://wayfinderexperience.com/.

  37. I’m Dean Gilbert and can be reached at horushawks@gmail.com.

    My experience with FATE is limited, as I have yet to manage to play it, but I devoured FATE Core after the Kickstarter came out and I’m planning on playing around with the system to make a hack of the classic RPG, Torg.

    My freelancing experience so far is limited to working on the Annihilation Event book plus Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings and Thanos Imperative for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game by Margaret Weis Productions.

    I’m told I’m an easy writer to edit. 🙂

  38. Hello! My name is Nick Bate. I make my living as an astrophysicist, and I make my fun reading, writing about reading, and gaming. I have one Fate credit to my name: Ghost Pirates of Bandeth Sector, a Bulldogs! adventure for Galileo Games. Other samples of my writing can be found at my blog, where I write about science fiction and fantasy. I also wrote and drew a time travel webcomic twice weekly for two years.

    I’m new to freelancing, and eager for opportunities to write and to learn. I have been running and playing in Fate games of various flavours since 2009. Current projects include the steam fantasy World Train, and the Wing Commander-inspired Final Flight. My favourite thing about working with Fate is stripping a game down to its core themes, and figuring out how best to reinforce them. Oh, and I take deadlines very seriously!

    I can be reached at nfbate@gmail.com, or on twitter.

  39. Well that was embarrassing, looks like the HTML got a little messed up. Let’s try this again:

    I’m Joshua Yearsley, and can be reached at jdyearsley@gmail.com. I’m a freelance writer, (mostly) editor, and researcher. I have a great love for games, including the FATE system. I have experience playing in FATE-system campaigns, including those based off of the Dresden Files, and am currently working on editing the great FATE-based RPG, Nova Praxis. I love making words simple, clear, and impactful; let me know if I can be of any help!

    My website, Editor Extraordinaire, can be found here. The website has some examples of where I’ve worked in the past. If you would like to see specific examples of work I’ve done, just let me know and I can provide them to you. Thanks!

  40. Andrew W. Ragland, contact me at andrew.ragland@gmail.com. I’ve been GMing for over thirty years, and have played and run more systems than you want me to list here. I’ve written for Earthdawn under the FASA and Redbrick imprints, Shadowrun under FASA, and Mage: The Ascension from White Wolf. I’m currently writing for FASA’s new game line, 1879. You can find my contributions in the Earthdawn books Throal Adventures, Name-Giver’s Compendium, and Nations of Barsaive. I authored the Burning Desires adventure book. For Mage, look in the Book of Crafts, the chapter on the Kopa Loei.

    I’m new to the Fate system, but am working my way through it. I’m more of a story and worldbuilder guy than a rules mechanic. I’m good at creating cities, populating them, loading them with plot hooks, filling empty ecological niches in the game world with new critters, and setting up complex plotlines with intrigue, deception, and character development driving the scenario. I’m not so good at number crunching. I can tell you the four basic reasons for an encounter with a wild animal without having to stop to remember. Please don’t ask me to plot a dice curve.

    I can provide PDF versions of some of my online releases on request.

  41. Hello,

    I’m Ryan Danks. You can see links to my works on RyanMDanks.com (click on my name above to go there), and I can be reached at RyanDanks@gmail.com. I’m a fiction writer with several published works in the short story market and working to increase my self-published inventory. As a long-time gamer, and storyteller, I greatly enjoy the Fate approach to gaming. I have written several hacks (Mechwarrior and Star Wars, as of this writing) for Fate Core, and this summer I look to release a professional product using the Fate Core rules. I’m also a writer and producer on a web series that releases this spring following a group of roleplayers and using Fate Core as the mechanics featured in the episodes. I can provide pdf versions of any of my works not found on my website.

    The skills I can bring to your projects include applicable knowledge and experience in fiction writing (most genres), scriptwriting experience for comic book or film adaptations and game development.

    Thanks for your time.

  42. John Adamus and Clark Valentine both strongly encouraged me to throw my hat in, so here goes.

    I’m Josh Albritton, contactable at capnindigo@gmail.com. I’ve been playing and running games for ~10 years, and FATE since The Dresden Files RPG released. I love FATE and the FATE approach to telling a story and running a game. The Story First method perfectly meshes with the way I prefer to run games.

    I’ve done a bit of FATE design work on my blog, The Captain’s Table, and I’m currently writing Timeless RPG, a game about the curse of immortality, that uses FATE Core that I hope to publish this year. I would love to work professionally on other FATE projects as well.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  43. Hi!

    I’m Joshua Cole, long-time RPG freelancer, FATE player and GM since Spirit of the Century.

    I’ve written for, among others, Paizo Publishing, Green Ronin Publishing, RPG Objects, and Louis Porter Jr. Design. I was a staff writer for Mongoose Publishing, and was recommended by them to act as an English-language editor for Asterion Press.

    I’ve never had the chance to write for FATE, but it’s the system I most often play and run and I’d love to work on it. Drop me a line at joshua_a_cole@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

  44. Russell Brown (brownr7@yahoo.com), freelancer in the past for Steve Jackson Game (GURPS Terradyne), Paizo (20+ adventures and articles in Dungeon and Dragon magazines), Goodman Games, Gun Metal Games (Shadows of Cthulhu) and independent work on D6Pool (d6pool.com). Lately, all my roleplaying sessions have been Dresden or other Fate-based systems like Bulldogs, and I love how play flows. I’m also a member of the Werecabbages writers guild, so I can probably pull together a team of writers, editors and even artists if needed.

  45. Hello, I’m Paul Stefko (ham2anv@gmail.com).

    I’ve freelanced for Steve Jackson Games and Atomic Overmind, and I publish my own games under the Nothing Ventured Games imprint. I write about a lot of games, including quite a bit of Fate these days, at my personal blog at http://nothingventuredgames.com/ngblog/. You can check out my NVG work, including my free (well, PWYW) game Revenant and the Fate-based Full Moon, at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=4964.

  46. Now for something completely different!

    My experience writing for role-playing games is actually in academic writing. I am one of three people in the world who has done an experiment on the influence of TRPGs on measures of creativity. I just finished my Masters of Education by writing my thesis on exactly this topic (my oral defense is 6/28).

    I also have some experience adapting RPGs to Asian markets. I wrote a module for my thesis research and it was very well received in my Taiwanese research sample.

    My friend introduced me to Fate and I am very excited about the prospects of Fate for creativity training. The number of fate points traded could actually itself be a measure of creativity! Every time an aspect is invoked or compelled, it is a distinct creative event.

    If anybody is interested in adapting Fate to be used in creativity training, toss me an email: afgad165@gmail.com

  47. Just an update to #37, I now have had some experience in playing FATE as well as hacking it for Mass Effect and Torg. In addition, I am now working on the Firefly RPG Corebook for Margaret Weis Productions.

  48. Hey, I am somewhat familiar with the fate system, having hosted with the core book once, and am in the middle of designing conversion notes for the Old World of Darkness setting that are meant to get as much of the experience across while using Fate Core’s mechanics and things like a monetary stress track. Finished Mage so far, as well as Mortals, but in the grind of transferring vampiric disciplines to the new system.

    My other work is mostly for BRP, which I use for sim play and such. However, it’s very story centric even though the system is focused on modelling more simulationist things in play.

    If you wish to see examples of my work, I’ll link you to things like my Metaverse setting for BRP, and my WoD conversion for Fate Core, neither of which I am likely going to publish anytime soon if at all, since I wanted to retain the full creative rights for Metaverse, and the WoD conversion I can’t “sell”, only provide for free distribution (And then only due to the fact it’s basically hollow mechanics, aspect lists and aspect containers, powers in the form of stunt trees, and different categories of skill.)

  49. My name is James Fleming and I probably have the least experience of anyone here. I’ve been DMing for 10 years, and have done some minor freelance work (as yet unpublished, and not mechanical work). Outside of that, I have worked on a detailed errata for White Wolf’s Scion (Which numbers over 100 pages, making it effectively a system rewrite) that has seen a lot of private use in friendly circles, as well as a fan module for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, using the Dark Heresy system. I would be willing to provide both on request as a kind of portfolio. In addition to that, I have been working on my own from scratch system that is currently in playtesting.
    My experience with FATE, beyond playing and running the game fairly frequently over the past 3 years, has been through my blog, the Talinz Project, which has just gotten started (http://the-talinz-project.blogspot.co.uk/). Inspired by Das Schwartze Auge, I am planning to write a reactive setting based on the experiences of individuals who run campaigns, once the main foundations are in place. Since the project is a very small scale one, I find it doubtful I will obtain the immense playerbase of the aforementioned German RPG, which will allow me to keep players up to date and involved on a more personal scale with the events in the wider world. I am hoping to later provide groups within the project an ability to contact and connect with eachother if their plotlines appear to be heading in an intertwining fashion, also.
    If you’d like to contact me, contact through the blog would be great (I also think the blog should link through to my Google+ profile, so messages over there would also be accepted)

  50. Hello! I am Thomas Deeny, a graphic designer. If you need layout for a Fate-based project, my experience in book layout and card game/board game graphic design may work for your next project. My most recent Fate-related work (as of this posting) was creating the visual style and laying out The Fate Codex.

    Samples of my work can be found at http://denaghdesign.com/. I can be reached at thomas@denaghdesign.com.

    For those of you scanning this list quickly:

    Graphic Design

    Book Layout

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