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  8 Responses to “Fate Core Kickstarter Launches”

  1. Ok, now that you got my money… Where’s my PDF? 😀
    If you get $ 120,000, could you halve the time needed to complete the project?? 😀

  2. Funny, but no.

    And your PDF is downloadable right now. Go click that “backers only” button at the top.

  3. So I was trying to find a link to just the character sheet but can’t seem to find one. Am I missing it or is it just not up yet?

  4. It’s in the back of the book I believe?

  5. Yay! Joined up. Question: Will the tool box be available as a PDF? If so, when?

  6. That’s all covered in the text of the Kickstarter, Michael, but a) yes, and b) could be a few months after the Core book is done.

  7. Hi. Sadly I did not know about the kickstarter. I have played the system (bought all the Dresden files, twice.). Is there some sort of after kickstarter support program available? Just fire me an email and let me know! Cheers!

  8. No — we ran it for 57 days as a limited-time offer on the pricing. But all the products funded will be available for sale upon publication at and elsewhere.

    May I ask where you get your gaming news from? We’re trying to figure out how we missed people in our two-month project window that was discussed in a number of places online…


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