Jan 212012

Fate Core’s full text rough draft is complete.

It enters into editing  starting February 1st.

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  1. Excellent. 🙂

  2. w00t

  3. oops. What did I miss? 😀

  4. Come again?

  5. Yeehaw!

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  7. Awesome!

  8. Very pleased to hear this. Looking forward to the first availability.

  9. Great news.
    Love this game.

  10. […] Hicks na oficjalnej stronie systemu zapowiedział, że pierwsze wersja ukończonego tekstu podręcznika trafia do redakcji: Fate […]

  11. +1. Like. Retweet.


  12. Phase 3 is when we stomp out the other sniveling games, yes?

  13. Most Excellent. I am looking forward to it. I love you guys!

  14. Hi Fred, I’m working on a Spanish translation of the Fate Core open content you were posting (here is The Basics) and I’m planning on continuing with the other sections… but my question is: do they change to much in the Fate Core full text? Would you recommend me to wait until the full text is edited and ready?

    Thanks and keep the great work (and the sharing).

  15. Would be worth waiting, yes.

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  17. \o/
    I’m really looking forward to it.

  18. I really like FATE, but I’ve never actually gotten around to running a game or being a player in one. I’m interested in this new FATE edition, but I have a few questions, actually, they are more bugbears I have.

    1. Will it use the pyramid skill system, wherein you have to raise skills lower than the one you want to raise?

    2. How much can a character improve skill/trait/attribute wise?


  19. Those questions only really have traction when asked in the context of a specific implementation. Fate Core is the start of an implementation, but not the completion of it. So ultimately the answer to both is “it depends”.

  20. Just checked in the site after a few months and saw this. I can only echo everyone else and say WOOT! I’m so looking forward to Fate Core. I’ve been wanting to run Dresden Files with my regular group for months in order to learn the system, so I can then try my hand at adapting a homebrew setting to Fate. The Core product will be a great help, also to help convince some of my players that it is awesome.

    Thank you for all the great work, keep it up!

    @Miguel Angel Espinoza I have some experience with professional translation (English-Spanish and Spanish-English); if you need a hand, a proofread, or an edit, I’d love to help you with your translation of Fate Core once it’s out.

    Cheers, everyone!


  21. @cintain Thanks for the offering, it’s always great to have someone with a fresh and different POV in any work, it helps to find the missed things, as simple as they may be. I’ll be counting on it.

  22. This is good to know. I just started running a high-fantasy campaign using D&D’s Forgotten Realms setting, but with the rules from The Dresden Files RPG. It only took a little tweaking to adjust things (aside from creating a couple new powers and stunts and spells, of course).

    It worked so well, in fact, that in the last week I’ve been thinking about making a full writeup for a generic high-fantasy setting, or as full as I could what with some of the essential DFRPG elements (like the magic system) not being released under OGL. I’m glad to see I won’t have to offer my services as an unpaid intern to get things done! 🙂 (Though if you want a professional editor, let me know. I’m occasionally fond of peanuts.)

  23. So, how goes the project? Any projected availability date? Desperate gamers want to know (twitch, twitch).

  24. No projected date (come on, it’s us), but Lenny and Ryan continue the furiously-revising-and-editing thing.

  25. Is Fate Core going to be covered under the OGL? I’d really like to publish some settings for it. Hopefully this comes out soon, since I’m trying to get this stuff off the ground.

    I tried to create my own system, but I’d rather stick to a game that is well known and has a following.

  26. Once we fully release it, yes, the text will all be entered into the OGL.

  27. Can’t wait!! ^.^

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