Jun 112013

Powered-by-Fate-Final-Dark-BG1.pngThe licensing options for Fate—AND the system reference documents for Fate Core and Fate Accelerated—are live!

You can find our home for Fate Core derived licensing here: http://www.faterpg.com/licensing/

We’re offering the text of Fate Core and Fate Accelerated under two different open licensing schemes: the tried-and-true Open Game License (OGL), and a Creative Commons Attribution Unported license (CC-BY). This was made possible by the generous funding of backers through the Fate Core kickstarter campaign, and our efforts in developing Fate Core as a written-from-the-ground-up, entirely-our-own-text version of Fate.

Visit the licensing page to get started. There, you’ll find a quick overview of each license, our new Powered by Fate logo for use by third party publishers, and the Fate Core Glyphs font for those of you who want to use the “four actions” icons developed for Fate Core.

Drill down into the individual licensing pages for specific details on how to make use of each license. You’ll also find the license-specific system reference documents on those drill-down pages.

We’re pleased as ever to continue our commitment to keeping Fate’s text free for use by third party publishers for both personal and commercial use, and we can’t wait to see what folks have in store for this new era of the Fate system. Bring it on, folks—and thank you!

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  1. […] means they have the HTML documents ready for establishing the SRD, and that means they will be officially releasing it under CC-BY! Go Evil Hat! […]

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