May 252013

Fate Core CoverFAE cover

Fate Core and Fate Accelerated have gone up for open preorder today, with the books set to ship in mid-July. There are both print versions available in preorder, and “pay what you like” PDF downloads available.

If you’d like to “pay what you like” (including free) without having to interact with the store software, send your contribution via Paypal to and then download your PDFs of choice (or vice-versa):

Not every part of the Fate Core/FAE experience is launching today. Our target is July for releasing the rest: epub and mobi file format support, and the release of the text of both Core and FAE under both the Open Game License and a Creative Commons attribution (CC-BY) license. These texts are NOT released under those terms yet — but they will be, and they’ll remain free. We’ll also introduce the “Powered by Fate” logo for use on your Core and FAE derived products.

Stay tuned!

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  16 Responses to “The New Era of Fate Is Here (sticky post)”

  1. I owned both starblazers, Legends of Angelea, spirit of the Century and Dresden files , but due to a fire days before we where to move out of our old rental home in Dresden Ohio May the 18th 2012 , I lost my pet Nou face and our whole 30 years gaming collection and of course everything else , but my wife and children and my self got out with out injury. I used those fate games systems for all my games, and glade you guys released this new book even blessed kind of, because I missed your guys stuff.
    thanks guys for letting me view it now and pay later.
    that shows a lot of faith and I for one am not going to let you down.even if it going to take me sending you guys ten dollars a pay week for the next 40 days I am on it!

  2. […] wczoraj na stronach Evil Hat dostępne są Fate Core i Fate Accelerated. Każdy może ściągnąć najnowsze wersje mechaniki […]

  3. Is there any difference between these files and the ones that went out to Kickstarter backers a few days ago?

  4. […] El nuevo FATE se puede comprar en dos formatos. El FATE Core, con sus más de 300 páginas diseñadas para convertirlo en un sistema genérico válido para cualquier ambientación. Y el Fate Accelerated, un resumen del sistema más manejable. Podéis verlo aquí. […]

  5. Yes, these files contain a few corrections (an updated GM’s fate points sidebar in FAE, a corrected example in Fate Core) compared to the prior backer’s versions.

  6. […] You pay what you want. No, seriously, you pay what you want. Fred Hicks must be trying to pay off some sort of past life indiscretion because he’s made […]

  7. I hope that when you decide what you want to pay, you err on the side of generosity. The product is good, and needs exposure. Freds put a lot of w\effort into this — reward him!

  8. LOTS of people put a lot of effort into this. 😉

  9. […] Cansado de me “informar” decidi gastar meu tempo de descanso para o meu hobby favorito. E poucos sistemas me empolgaram tanto quanto FATE. Falei dele algumas vezes aqui e resolvi dar uma olhada no site oficial. E qual não foi minha surpresa ao ver que, desde o dia 25 de maio, o tão aguardado FATE Core está disponível para Download. […]

  10. […] PDFs for FATE Core and Fate Accelerated are both out now for a “pay what you like” download. I’ve had a chance to mess with them for […]

  11. […] (PDF, ePub, Kindle) dostępne są w formule zapłać ile chcesz na stronach Evil Hat Productions i FateRPG, a także w sklepie […]

  12. Pay what you want allows me to read the rules and decide whether to play/run before investing. If I end up playing or running the system, I will certainly try to work our some kind of fair recompense. Thank you for releasing it this way.

  13. […] I’ll admit the first thing that caught my eye about it was when it launched as a Pay What You Want title. I confess to being one of the “free” downloaders, but I’m sold to the point now […]

  14. Donated. Thanks for making a cool thing!

  15. […] to be familiar with Fate Accelerated. If you don’t have it you can get it easily enough via Evil Hat for a song, err well actually for pay what you’d like but you get the […]

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