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Are you translating or have you translated Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, or Fate System Toolkit into a language other than English? We’d like to make sure folks (and us, too) know about it!

Please fill out this form to tell us about your translation efforts.


We’re making the results public so folks can find them as quickly and easily as possible. It’ll just take a few minutes to fill out and can bring more attention to your translation. Let us know, and thanks!

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  1. What if it is not “exactly” a translation, but a “powered by Fate” rules system with a lot of Fate Core and a bit of Fate Accelerated translation?? You can play Fate with mine, but not exactly “Core” 🙂

    I’d love to fill the form, but I’m not sure if this fits into your plans, and I’d like it to be known for other Fate fans 🙂

    Have a look!!



  2. We’re specifically interested in folks who are directly translating the named works. Not derivations thereof. 🙂

  3. I’ve already translated the whole Fate 3e Core System Rulebook EXCEPT game examples – therefore I’ve put “not complete” into the form, BUT it is already complete rules translation and it can be used for playing Fate.

    Now I’m going to translate FAE (completely with examples, at once) and THEN I’ll finish examples from Fate 3e Core Rulebook.

    My translation is now being corrected by fans from our community – actual version of the Translation can be found here: http://www.d20.cz/clanky/pravidla/preklad-fate-3e-core-system.html (for non-czech speakers – that huge writing “[Překlad] Fate 3e Core System” written with different color is link for direct download of last version in .docx)
    (the only two differences in comparison with original in this version, except lack of examples, are information about translation on first page and rules-terms translation-key which is on the end of the document)

    (also, one woman from another web-community is “translating” FAE – quotation marks, because she is not really TRANSLATING it, she is translating and “improving” it (basically rewriting it in Czech language – I’m going to translate it properly in following few weeks)

  4. PS – yes, I plan to translate System Toolkit as well, as soon as I’ll be done with F3CS and FAE rulebooks completely. I suppose, that it should be all done within end of Summer, may be sooner – I hope, at least.

  5. I think of Spirit of the Century as 3e, and Fate Core as 4th, but thanks for letting us know about this!

  6. really? Funny, now when I think about it, it is truth that there is no “edition” written inside the rulebook and that there were no “edition” mentioned nowhere for the whole time – but I haven’t noticed that before you pointed that out now 🙂

    In our small Czech Fate community, this is a little bit messy and fuzzy: we’ve call those previous games as 3a (Spirit of the Century), 3b (Dresden Files) and 3c (Diaspora) (I think – honestly, I’m a little bit confused about this for myself, so I rather use abbreviations of those games (SotC, DF…) instead of “edition numbers”) and we’ve always spoke about this as “pure” 3e or “core 3e” – since the moment it was announced.

    I would correct it, but I’ve already wrote “3e” inside the URL of that article and I’ve posted links around the web… :/ damn… well, I’ll figure this out later 😀

    But thank you for correcting me about this, I believe it will be funny for others as soon as I’ll tell them 😀

  7. Ahhh, I read “3e” as “3rd Edition”. 🙂 Core is definitely the start of a *new* one, which I count as the 4th.

  8. ok… I’ve just corrected “3e” on “4e” everywhere – even in the URL of that article where the translation is publicly posted (so please please if you could change it in my both previous post and in that google spreadsheet form? Sorry for making that mess)

    Direct download link is still the same – for now – since I didn’t change the document with translation itself – I will correct it as soon as I will make the first corrections based on feedback of my fan-correctors.

  9. Is there any “official” or “Evil Hat Supported” board/thread to help translators with their work or to explain some details or strange quirks in books? Or to help with generating “new products” (translations are labeled so as well) in general?

    There were few places in Core where I hesitated how should I translate things (for example using words “characters” and “players” seemed wrong on some places – I’ve left it as it was, but it looks weird sometimes) – now in FAE I doubt about order of chapters a little – it seems that it would make sense to move chapter Aspects before chapter Actions (without changing anything but the chapter order), but there was surely some reason to write it in this order (which is different than in Core)… I think, at least.

  10. Go up to the “Links” tab up at the top of the page, and go to the Google+ Fate Core community. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of help. 🙂

  11. I am planning on doing a translation into Danish of FAE – I think as a system it is awesome to use to introduce the younger audience into roleplaying.

    One question though: Looking in the form published above I see some awesome work already done by talented people but the format of the finished documents often vary a lot. Would it be possible to get a raw FAE document from Evil Hat to base the translation on?

    Also – on the downloads section I only see links to the French and Spanish versions. Do you have plans to add links to the other translations as well?

  12. We provide Fate Accelerated’s content in SRD form on this site at faterpg.com/licensing … We are unable to provide license to the fonts we use in layout, so that’s as good as we can do.

  13. OK – what about the images used? Are they also not available?

  14. That’s correct.

  15. Please delete line 12 (Fate Core – Czech – In Progress) – this translation was completed long time ago (links are posted on line 22)


  16. Hi! We have translated Fate Condensed into Spanish. I didn’t fill in the form because the Fate Condensed option was not available, but here you have all the information requested in the form:

    – Product: FATE Condensed
    – Language: Spanish
    – Complete: Yes
    – You can find it here: https://fate.1d12monos.com/
    – My name: José González “Zoldar”
    – Contact info: (mail) 1d12monos@gmail.com, (twitter) @1d12monos, (facebook) https://www.facebook.com/1d12monos/, (mewe) https://mewe.com/i/1d12monos


  17. Hi! We have translated Fate Condesned into Finnish. As the form doesn’t have the Condensed option, letting you know here:

    – Product: Fate Condensed
    – Language: Finnish
    – Complete: Yes
    – Location: http://srd.fateakatemia.com/pahkinankuoressa/
    – Translator: Petri Leinonen
    – Contact info: @Alvan on twitter, you can find my email in the comment form info

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