Feb 152016

We’d like to use this post as an opportunity to collect the third-party Fate publishers out there. Everyone knows Evil Hat as the primary source — but they’re far from the only one. So if you publish for Fate, let us know, here!


  • Don’t make a comment on this post if you aren’t a third-party Fate publisher. (If you know a publisher that isn’t represented, contact that publisher, and point them here.)
  • Only one comment per publisher.
  • Identify where to find you on the web, and where on the web to learn more about your Fate specific stuff.
  • If you publish physical Fate products, let us know if you’re in distribution, and with which distributors.
  • If you’re on DriveThru, give us a link to your publisher page (or subcategory page where you’ve collected all your Fate stuff).
  • Comments may identify some or all of the Fate products you’ve published, but if the list is extensive, please don’t list them all. Stick to your best known or most recent ones, and let the links you provide (as described above) do the rest of the work.

Comments that don’t follow these guidelines will be removed.

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Feb 082016

The Fate More Kickstarter wraps up this Wednesday, but it’s already due to make a mark on the state of open content for Fate. Thanks to some “Extra” goals tucked in between the main stretches for the campaign, sometime this year we’re going to see the debut of open content from the Atomic Robo RPG and — in less than $1000 more at the time of this writing — open source superpower rules from Venture City. But there’s even more potential open content past that point, at each of the $5000 milestones between the major stretches of the campaign. If you’re a fan of the open Fate content we provide on this site, and aren’t yet a backer of Fate More, please consider backing and helping us move towards a bigger, opener future full of Fate content!

As always, you can explore the existing open licensable Fate here, at http://www.faterpg.com/licensing — and get a clean, beautiful presentation of that content at Randy Oest’s Fate SRD site.

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