Jul 252012

So far this year, Fate Core’s been carried a great distance on the shoulders of just two guys — Leonard Balsera and Ryan Macklin. With Ryan now taking his talents on to other projects, and Lenny already carrying a ton of Fate Core’s weight, we’re bringing in a few more members to the team to help us stay on target and reach the finish line.

To round out the writing team, we’re adding Brian Engard and Mike Olson.

Brian you may recognize as one of the co-authors of Bulldogs!, a science fiction space opera game of kickassery from Galileo Games. Brian has been helping Evil Hat out on a number of projects, and always impresses.

Mike is, among other things, the lead developer on the Atomic Robo RPG for Evil Hat — to be based in part on Fate Core — as well as the guy behind the excellent Spirit of the Blank blog, as well as the Fate adaptation of the Kerberos Club. His pedigree speaks for itself!

Our new editor will be Jeremy Keller.

Jeremy is one of those guys who seems to be good at everything. He’s created fantastic games like Chronica Feudalis and Technoir, crafted eye-popping videos, and done art direction for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game for Margaret Weis Productions. We’re pleased to have his perspective and talents deployed on making Fate Core as accessible, clear, and engaging as it can be.

Welcome aboard, folks!

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