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Fate 3.0 Downloads (Old Edition)

Fate 2.0 Downloads (Older Edition)

Fate 1.0 Downloads (Oldest Edition)

  • Fate 1.0 – The first run at Fate we put out into the wild, aside from the occasional odd article on the now-defunct Fudge Factor.

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  1. […] grass-roots cus­tomer ser­vice and sales force, and so on. Heck, the rea­son there’s an SRD of Spirit of the Cen­tury that has been act­ing as our Fate 3 SRD for the past sev­eral years is because some fans stepped […]

  2. […] A Evil Hat Productions disponibiliza as regras do Fate 2.0 gratuitamente aqui. […]

  3. […] June 21st, 2011 Posted in Role-Playing Games | Tags: aspects, fate TweetBack in Fate 2, aspects were rated. That was ditched in Fate 3, to good measure. Making aspects mechanically equal […]

  4. […] 2.0 já pelas mãos da Evil Hat Productions, que detém os direitos autorais agora. A primeira SRD do FATE foi disponibilizada em 31 de março de 2005 (FATE […]

  5. […] 2.0 já pelas mãos da Evil Hat Productions, que detém os direitos autorais agora. A primeira SRD do FATE foi disponibilizada em 31 de março de 2005 (FATE […]

  6. You shaked my head. In OGL section 15, should i use this:

    Fudge System 1995 version © 1992-1995 by Steffan O’Sullivan, © 2005 by Grey Ghost Press, Inc.; Author Steffan O’Sullivan.

    Or this:

    Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition Copyright 2005, Grey Ghost Press, Inc.; Authors Steffan O’Sullivan and Ann Dupuis, with additional material by Jonathan Benn, Peter Bonney, Deird’Re Brooks, Reimer Behrends, Don Bisdorf, Carl Cravens, Shawn Garbett, Steven Hammond, Ed Heil, Bernard Hsiung, J.M. “Thijs” Krijger, Sedge Lewis, Shawn Lockard, Gordon McCormick, Kent Matthewson, Peter Mikelsons, Robb Neumann, Anthony Roberson, Andy Skinner, William Stoddard, Stephan Szabo, John Ughrin, Alex Weldon, Duke York, Dmitri Zagidulin.

    For Fudge copyright?

  7. Nerun, see for the necessary boilerplate.

  8. […] Shamisen – MorriconeReferences [1] Into The Far West website [2] The Odyssey System [3] FATE website [4] Mutants & Masterminds [5] True20 [6] Far West KickstarterReviewsRelated ContentWild West […]

  9. It looks like there is a small typo in the Stunts chapter from DFRPG: The third and fourth paragraphs under Building Stunts look like they should be the same paragraph (extra line break).

  10. Thanks — tho I’m not super worried about stray line breaks, I admit. 🙂

  11. […] mood and tone of the books so there’s a lot of pressure too. I had to learn a dice system, we’re using FATE if you’re curious, which took some time to get familiar with. And currently I’m very slowly figuring how best […]

  12. […] haven’t commented on this series from Tenkar, but I figure a link to the FATE SRD was worth mentioning.  Great stuff, especially since there is additional material there, including […]

  13. […] sharing of custom dice definitions, I threw together a definition for a d12 that can be used for FATE games. Odds are the same as standard FUDGE dice (equal chances of “+”, […]

  14. […] and gives him the Scope: Out of His Depth – I can always tell the players who have played FATE because their Scopes are like Aspects!) into memory. The rifle is gone (Gerold was wearing it) but […]

  15. I missed the Kickstarter and would have been a backer. Is there a way to get ahold of the current fate core pdf so I can see what is changing?

  16. No — we ran it for 57 days as a limited-time offer on the pricing. But all the products funded will be available for sale upon publication at and elsewhere, and I’m hoping we’ll have a digital version of Fate Core out to the world in the next month or so.

    May I ask where you get your gaming news from? We’re trying to figure out how we missed people in our two-month project window that was discussed in a number of places online…


  17. […] Core System Electronic Fate Accelerated Edition Electronic Pasta com mais arquivos para o sistema Mais arquivos FATE incluindo traduções para o português Grupo no Facebook em português sobre […]

  18. Is there anything in the Fate Worlds books that is open content ?

    I want to adapt some of the mechanics for something I’m working on but it looks like it’s not open content.

  19. It’s not open content at this time. That said, people riff on mechanics from other games and systems all the kind; so long as you’re not plagiarizing the actual text, it’s likely not a concern.

  20. Thanks Fred

  21. I’ll contact the author and evil hat beforehand if I ever decide to publish.

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